Thursday, July 28, 2005

The apple that falls near the tree--Hope Vestergaard

Ingrid has reminded me that one of her daughters, Hope Vestergaard, is the author of children's books. She has a site that includes lots of info of interest to both teachers and writers,

And like our seminar members, she has been both teacher and writer: "I read hundreds of books to babies and toddlers when I was a teacher. I wanted to know what made certain books captivating. Why did kids care about stories I thought were boring? Why weren’t they interested in stories I thought were beautiful? I started wondering if my stories and words could capture young children’s attention too."

Her site tells you about the sources of her stories, gives advice about "getting started" and "getting published." Here are some of her articles:
NEW! Procrastinators R' Us
NEW! Procrastination, part II: Do Try This at Home, Folks!
NEW! Critique Group Dysfunction: What to Do About It
This one, originally published in the 2005 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market (Writer's Digest Books), might be especially meaningful to us, as it's a good reminder about what to look for and how to be a useful to others.
KINDA NEW! Rhymes and Misdemeanors
Flipping Pancakes With a Shovel:
Crafting Compelling Books for Young Readers
Get Booked: Creating Promotional Materials
That Stand Out in a Crowd
Counting Chickens: A few Words about Word Counts
Get Real: A Writer's Journey
Great Expectations: A Conference Crib Sheet
An Interview with Literary Agent Steven Malk
Novel Ideas: An Interview with Author Kezi Matthews
Meet the Editor: An Interview with Stephanie Owens Lurie
Meet Novelist Kathleen O'Dell: A Work in Progress

If you want to share any of this information electronically, be sure that you contact Hope by email and include her credit. If you would like to get in touch with her, she has a contact page ( You can see her in a cute knock-kneed pose there as well!


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