Thursday, July 07, 2005

Carrie Gates

I've lifted Carrie's comments off the prior post's "comments" because I think they deserve their very own entry . . . We'll have Linda do a post soon.

Why is the image smaller than the other posted jackets? When I try to make the image larger, it ricochets around the page like Monty Python's killer rabbit.

In fact, the sizes vary throughout, because they came to me in various sizes, and I don't appear to be very good at changing the sizes. The ones downloaded from bookseller sites are identical, but the others are bigger or smaller.

--Marly, computer idiot

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I'm Carrie Gates, Center Fellow at NCCAT. I will be working with you during this seminar week. I have been at NCCAT for close to 19 years. I came as a graduate assistant while I was working on my master's at WCU, and sort of never left! I am currently working on my doctorate in Adult Education through NC State, I'm currently in the research and writing stage, I'm studying teacher burnout! I'm sure you can all help me with information on that topic!

Marly Youmans and I are old friends, and Linda Kinnear and I have worked together for several years. The three of us have spent quite some time planning for this seminar, and have high hopes for our week together. My greatest wish is that we will have both a great time, and learn together.

To tell you something about myself, I'm from the mountains of Western NC, you can tell just as soon as I open my mouth! I am a first generation high school graduate, and enjoy sharing the culture of the mountains with friends. I am married and have three daughters, Carolyne, 29, Sarah, 24, and Ashley, 10. My husband and I are into houses, we buy old houses and restore them, and are currently building a spec house to sell this summer. We also own an old time general store and soda fountain in the nearby town of Dillsboro. He runs the store, and I simply help him with going to trade shows and choosing what to carry. I enjoy spending money!

Personally, I just published a book of stories I've been collecting from family and friends over the years, Granny's Stories: North Carolina Mountain Tales. I've really enjoyed the entire process: creating the book, publishing it, and working to distribute it. To hear more about it, check out my website, I hope we will be able to create a small book and publish it as part of this seminar. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and working together.

Carrie Gates


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