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Linda Kinnear

Hi. I'm Linda Kinnear, NCCAT Center Associate, who is so looking forward to working with this seminar. Having taught composition at WCU for many years, I have a special interest in how the writing process works for the professional writer as well as that reluctant writer struggling in your classrooms with the writing test.

Soon, you should be receving the mailing NCCAT sends out prior to the seminar. Included in this mailing is the text we will be reading and referencing in the blog and during the seminar. I chose this text primarily for its many interesting and challenging prompts and great choice of quotes. Many of these prompts should be fairly easy to adapt into classroom writing assignemts. Please feel free to bring some of your own writing prompts and quotes. I think you will agree that Dufresne has a pretty good handle on what a writer must do to write and how what we read, listen to and observe all shape what we write. I'd like to see some discussion of this book on this blog...if your time permits.

Like Carrie and Marly, I want to briefly welcome you to the seminar, and especially thank Marly for finding the time to get this blog up and running. So, as soon as possible, please write a comment and introduce yourself and perhaps your highest hopes and wildest dreams about writing...later. Linda PS: I will need your PARTICIPANT DATA SHEET as soon as possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linda, hope this reaches you. I have never used a blog. I am very excited about our workshop in August. I have read Dufresne's book and agree that it is an excellent guide for writing. I have written an autobiography already and hope that time will allow me to complete some of his other assignments. The agenda for the week looks challenging. Although I have a little apprehension about sharing my writing, I know that I will feel at ease when I realize others feel the same way. Everything seems so prefessional!!

At this time I am a school counselor in an alternative school but plan to share some of my experiences at NCCAT with our writing teachers. I taught high school English for 6 years and have always enjoyed journaling. I have also taken several post-graduate courses in creative writing some years ago, and look forward to being inspired to continue my goals of becoming a "writer," and sharing ideas with others. See you soon!

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Donna said...


Thanks for picking the Dufrense book. I finished it, and have done a few of the exercises. I plan to do a few more before we get to NCCAT.

I really learned how much I don't yet know by reading this book.

Thanks again,

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Donna on finishing our text. I too have enjoyed all the ideas and writing activities. There won't be a test but I do have a few ideas about jarring folks memories of what Dufrense believes about writing. Linda

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Linda Kinnear said...

Anonymous School Counselor: It has taken me awhile to get used to this blogging. I'm a novice also. Not to worry about the "challenging" agenda, sharing your writing--we will be about coming together as a group to write and share only what we feel comfortable sharing. No pressure!

As a teacher of English composition, one of the ways I would encourage my students to share their writing--especially when it was on a topic like writing about a short story--nothing personal--was to tell them writing was intended to be public--think about Fred Flintstone, all those cave writings. I think we can loose this shyness or worry about the quality of our writing just by putting it out there and seeing that most folks are pretty positive and helpful readers. I used to tell my students (of course to get them to give worthwhile feedback) I want to see some blood on that paper. HA HA!!!

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