Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New posts & a place for posting sketches and stories

We're growing. . .

Please check out and respond to new posts from Jennifer, Shelly, Miriam, Donna, and Vanessa.

Donna has put a link to her livejournal site in the comments, and she has posted several new sketches there. Please take a look and comment! I'll add the link again here. Her site is

If you'd like to post some writing in response to the exercises in Dufresne's book or anything else you're working on now, feel free to post a piece in the comments below this entry.

I've added a message from Marjorie Hudson below this post--she's an interesting writer living in Chatham County.

And now I need to go read more Dufresne and work on the seminar!



Blogger NCCAT said...


Can you make a note about what triggered the sketches--what exercise in Dufresne, etc.?


1:45 PM  
Anonymous Donna said...


Sure. The story sketch about the mother and the daughter was from page 79 in Drfrense, where he suggests a character. Excercise #4 actually paragraph 3 on that page. Then the other one about the affair was suugestged by the excerise that starts on page 79 and continues on to page 80. It is from gleaned from the parapgraph at the bottom of the page.

Hope this helps.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Vanessa Thomas said...

Okay, Donna, I'm feeling overwhelmed here! You're on page 79! I'm moving at a snails pace here! Are you reading straight through and then picking and choosing exercise. I'm glad this isn't a pass/fail thing. :-) I'd better get busy.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous marly said...

That's why I posted something about everybody doing a different preparation! Though I won't object if you all imitate Donna, I don't expect everyone to do so...

After all, one of us is lying in bed eating popsicles, her missing tonsils floating in a jar on the bedside table. And who knows what else is happening, out there in the wilds and the cities of North Carolina.


Here's a copy of what I posted on Donna's livejournal this morning:


Wrote something about what you're doing (and particularly about this piece) in our nccat blog this morning--you're being a great example. Thanks for that! I'm really pleased that you're using the Dufresne as a starting point and finding it useful.

Please keep going; writing scenes as responses to exercises is the perfect preparation for spending a week on a story. Seeing what you've done so far, I feel very confident that we'll reach a finished story by the end of the week.

More anon,

Hop over and take a look! You can compare the assignment with what it generated...

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Donna said...

Well, I have a confession to make. I don't have kids that live at home. Right now I have a stepson in the house who is, at age 13, trying to master another driving game on his play station and is in the mostly uncommunicative stage, unless you count mumbling and grunts. He doesn't live with us though and is just visitiing for the week.

My husband has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sleeps 12-20 hours a day. He also has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Degenerative Disk disease.One of my friends said, when do you find the quiet to read and write. Unfortuantely I sometimes have more quiet time than I want, so something to fill it is a blessing.

But, to answer your question about the excercises, I was picking and choosing as I read. Then I decided that I wanted to read the book first and go back and do excercises. I kind of felt getting what he said first and then re-reading sections and doing excercises might benefit me. I tend to learn better if I read once, then re-read and work. But each person does learn differently. Hope this helps and makes you not feel guilty. Being a mom is a VERY important job. One that you will never, ever regret and always enjoy. Time will come when you will have more time on your hands.

10:28 PM  
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