Sunday, July 10, 2005

A note on adding "comments"

When you click on comments and add your own thoughts to a post, ignore the blogger identity. (Linda, Carrie, and I are down as blogger.) If you want to ask a question and don't want your name attached, use anonymous. If you want to make a comment, choose other. A box will pop up asking for your name and web page. Just ignore the web page request unless you have one you want to note. Then use your own name as user name!


P. S. I'm reading Dufresne (Linda's pick) and like it, though I wish the print were a tad larger . . .

P. P. S. Carrie sent me the link to her new web site, and I'm going to add it to the links (at right). So now you can visit her there as well.

P. P. P. S. Don't forget to start down at the foot of the page with the Welcome.


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