Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ready, set--

Getting ready for NCCAT is going to be different for each one of us.

I'm still reading Dufresne and planning out segments of the seminar--and trying to keep up with this pre-seminar blog. Meanwhile I'm ferrying my three children here and yon and making sure they're having a good summer. (Last night the nearest ball team beat the Batavia Muck Dogs! Yankees. Go figure.) Here and there are long ferrying-to-camp trips. Or to the orthodontist. I seem to be very big on the orthodontist. Then there's life's other little drudgeries (laundry for five and other fascinating enterprises) and errands. I'm wanting to do my own work, though I haven't been doing as well as usual on that one. Children don't really need a writer in the house.

You're probably still reading Dufresne as well. And I hope you're reading a bit of fiction.

Meanwhile Donna has already posted two exercises, including one that's a sort of puzzle box containing a fiction inside a fiction, where one of the characters fictionalizes reality. In the process of doing so, she finds out that truth really is stranger than fiction--truth fictionalized yields big truths.

Please pop over to her site and give a quick response and encouragement; don't worry about saying anything profound. Just jump in!

And feel free to post something as well.

Again, each person's preparation for NCCAT will be different, and that's fine. What I'd like to see is movement toward a community of writers, so that we're all ready to go full tilt when we meet on that Monday afternoon.

If you've just found your way here, go down to the first entry and find a welcome!



Anonymous Vanessa Thomas said...

I am really enjoying the blog. This is a neat way to meet people and learn a little bit about our writing dreams.

My days are a lot like yours, filled with mundane activities like laundry as well and freezing green beans and squash for the winter. Then there's pick up from day camp, pick up and drop off t the track (track season is over thank goodness) and other stuff.
I've managed to read lots of fiction but I'm moving through the Dufresne book at a snail's pace. I like the book and the exercises. I probably should step up the pace.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous marly said...

I'm sure you're not alone in that! I'm absolutely positive because Donna is also ahead of me... But we'll make it to the final page.

Yes, one of the big challenges of a writer is claiming a piece of time. It's like being a squatter; you may have to defend the territory.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Donna said...

I don't know that I am ahead of you or not. I have been giving Workshops on Thinking Maps this week, (I am a trained trainer), and my pace has slowed. I haven't even been writing anymore. I need to do more excercises. I am writing this from my grandbaby's house, and tomorrow is of course the release of Harry Potter. My stepson and I are going to do the midnight thing, and buy in on the hype. Hope it's worth it. So I have fininshed the first section of the book. Thanks for the comment about the fiction inside fiction, I hadn't thought of it that way, but that's a description I like.

More later.

8:24 PM  

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