Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thinking about what we might be--

For a few very special days, we can have what almost nobody who wants to write ever gets--time to write, talk, and dream inside the shelter of a community of other writers. That's a fertile place to be. It's a haven where you don't have to explain what you do or why you do it.

This isn't an NCCAT seminar where we make a solar car or study for boards. A lot of what we'll do is about intangibles--ones that we'll try to grasp and not let slip through our fingers. That means that the week will be, in great part, what you make of the opportunity given.

We're working to have a tight structure to the days and lots of fun and learning, it will have to be you with the pencil and the piece of paper. Or the computer screen and the flying fingers!



Anonymous Linda Kinnear said...

Flying fingers indeed. Take a few moments and begin to look within for your writing voice...being a teacher we often spend much of our time engaged in writing with little personal purpose. Marly will be our guide from the side as we come together and create our short stories. There will be time for reflection, time to enjoy some great conversation at meals, and time to just relax and take care of ourselves. Sound like heaven--see you in a few weeks. Linda K

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be out of pocket until August 5 - going to Arkansas to rendezvous with a son who lives in South Africa and is home for a visit at his sister's in Little Rock. I will have lots of writing material by the time I complete these two weeks, ending up at Gatlinburg for a few days and on for a visit with brother and sister-in-law in Etowah out from Brevard. See you on Monday - can't wait to ponder and write!!!

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Miriam said...

Forgot to give my name. Sorry! It is Miriam again.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous marly said...

Miriam, have many adventures and happy reunions--

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Miriam said...

My head is whirling with all of your comments and my bags are packed to leave in the morning. I know I will be able to sort things out one session at a time. I have also packed my writings of the past many years and look forward to some input. I have a feeling that I am going to work very hard this week but that it will be a very special time for me. See you all Monday! Thanks for all of your preparations for us "budding writers!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous marly said...

That sounds like a very good way to think about the week--probably not the way that everybody will think about it, but an effective one.

Hope you had an enjoyable jaunt to Little Rock and Etowah...

8:37 PM  

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