Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things

While I'm keenly aware of the transience of things, I also know that we are happiest when we surround ourselves with beauty. Last weekend I went to a Raleigh art fair and acquired my own Timothy C. teapot, today Marly's Little Jordan arrived from Amazon, and tonight Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Journeys fills my home.

Visiting again with Timothy was a pleasure, hearing my students plead to continue their blog--forever, they insist--encourages me when I think I'll never survive eight more years with seventh graders, and knowing that Linda continues on our behalf to see an anthology published gives me hope that I'll soon enjoy reading your short stories.

Marly asked me to write a post about my class blog. The short of the story: it's up and the students are enthusiastic about it. I established a few guidelines and had a user agreement signed by both the students and the parents. So far, we're all pleased--the students, parents, and me. View it if you'd like at


Anthology deadline approaches...

I gather that four stories are in so far--Linda told me three, but Timothy sent one last night. I can't open it, but it's there! Please let her know if you're turning one in but need a little time...