Sunday, November 06, 2005


Hi everyone,

I hope that you all are doing well and that your year has been going well. I have two things I wanted to let everyone know.

First, I am going to be a grandma again. My youngest, is expecting again, her children will be 18 months apart. The baby is due in June. She is a good teacher's daughter and knows when to plan these things. :)

Also I have been doing some more writing, on a novel I am working on. Please go to this site, and let me know what you think.

My best to all,

Donna the BQ.


Anonymous Vanessa said...

Hi Blog Queen!

I saw your message. I checked in to see if there is any news on the anthology. Do you know if we received enough entries?

Congrats on the grandbaby to be! I took a look at your story but I didn't finish. I printed it...reading the computer screen bothers my eyes. I guess my age is starting to show. :-) Anyway, I'll get back to you. I do have one question, where did you come up with the name Razor for one of your characters?

I recently finished Ron Rash's second book. I really liked it but I enjoyed the first one more. I haven't had time to dig into Brian's book. With school and activities for two boys, I have a feeling that will be a Christmas holiday read.

I'll get back to you on the story.

11:00 PM  
Blogger marlyat2 said...

Donna, did I say congrats on the bambino-to-come already? My mind is all confusion on this point. If not, much confetti!

Think you might--since we're three months past seminar--send out a group note about the story... Though I don't think you should collect a lot of feedback until you have a rough draft, as you don't want to be derailed by comments, even good ones.

Vanessa, last I heard we had 10 stories (2 from the B. Q.!) And I said that I'd give her one as well. So that's 9 students plus me. I don't know if she has asked Ron and Brian for a wee contribution or no...

8:25 AM  
Anonymous donna said...

Thanks to both of you on the congrats for the grandbaby.

I don't know where I came up with the name Razor excactly. It is actually her pseudonym. Her real name is Dorothy Hanson-Blue, but because she is a real tough cookie, and slit a guy's face with a knife, she has the nickname Razor. I don't know how to explain where this character came from, she just appeared in my head one day. I think she is just kind of a compilation of some hard living both on my own part and some folks I have known. (No I have never knifed anyone, but I know a couple of women tough enough to do it.

Also, during a midlife crisis point a friend of mine said she thought I ought to give Ms. Clariol a rest, and let my hair go to it's natural state of white, cut it into a spike and buy a Harley. Razor as you will notice has white hair and a bike. I suppose this is some of my fantasy of just hoping a bike and leaving it all behind. Sometimes I feel like Razor is an alter ego that lives in a twisted area of my mind.

I might send out a group notice after I get more done Marly, but not yet. I am mulling some things over. Razor is an interesting character anyway.

Thanks for the comments.


3:46 PM  

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