Saturday, February 11, 2006

Valentines, new blog, anthology, & sundry

Happy Valentine's Day! e



Valentine picture: one of Adrienne Segur's illustrations for "The Snow Queen"

The Blog Queen has a new blog: Hope you can support her by taking a look at her writing there. (Well, there's not any yet, but there will be!) And by dropping in from time to time.

So if anybody else from our group sets up a Palace or Hotel on Boardwalk or a Hovel somewhere, please let us know! You can write the news here or send me a line at that other (older, no doubt shabbier and without the glitz of the new) Palace, Several of you have dropped by there to tell me about your teaching or writing or other news, and I always like to hear and to know how you're doing--particularly when it comes to the baby news, of course. Happy St. Valentine's to you!

Last I heard, the NCCAT anthology was progressing, but I'll have to ask Linda to leave a comment and tell us the if and when...


Anonymous Vanessa said...

I was wondering how the anthology was coming. I want to share it with my mom. Congratulations to Donna aka the Blog Queen.

8:27 PM  

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